Automotive industry

Gebo is also an excellent supplier of bodywork products for companies within the automotive industry, especially if you are in need for extra quality, short lines and customization! Gebo delivers customized products in many designs in a short period of time, such as fixed windows, sliding windows, semi-sagging windows and folding windows.

What our products make unique is our hard-soldering process that links different parts together. This technique makes an extremely strong frame and absolutely watertight! The frame is standard provided with a black coating. An option is also anodizing, both blank and in color. The windows are fitted with single glazing per default, but insulating glass is also possible. The glass is tempered and clear. Optionally gray tinted is possible. We can offer you a very extensive range of roof hatches. including hinged roof hatches and sliding roof hatches. We have a large number of standard series products in stock, but we also supply customized hatches. Our bodywork windows are provided with an E-mark vignette and, if desired, your company logo.